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Don't wait until your renewal is due! Transfer your domain name to us NOW for only $25 (which adds an additional year of registration to the time you already have left!). Get our exceptional service and a year of registration time added to your domain name for just $25. We'll do all the paperwork, just fill out our easy order form and reply to the authorization email you'll receive and you're done. No more agonizing email forms to fill out. Do it now at this incredibly low price. Subsequent year renewals are at our regular low $25/year price.


Just want to renew your domain name?
Use this order form!

30,000 domain names are registered each day.
Shouldn't you register yours today
for only $25? (including InterNIC fees)

See if the domain name you want is still available.

newrotating.gif (1200 bytes) Click here to check the availability of the new domain names, .biz and .info

If you'd like to register a .biz or .info name, you must register for a minimum of 2 years

Because of the competition in the domain registering industry, we've been able to lower our prices for domain registration. Plus, you don't have to register for 2 years upfront. You can now register for a single year and the total cost is just $25, including the InterNIC fee for one year. You can register a name you've just been thinking about and if you don't want it after a year, just don't renew it at the same $25/year price.

If you're serious about conducting business on the Internet and want to project a professional image, then you need your own domain name (yourbiz.com). Even if you're not ready to put up a website yet, you can still register your domain name so that it's not taken in the meantime. You can get your own domain name even if you don't have Internet access or an email address.

We provide domain name registration for .com, .net, and .org. There are no hidden fees, charges or hosting contracts. No tech information is needed. Take advantage of our free searches (see below) & domain parking. We can accept the new 67 character domain names.

Order Domain Name Registration Service Now
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What is a domain name?
A domain name is a one-of-a-kind name that you use as your website address, as in http://www.yourdomainname.com. The actual name can be your company name, a brand name, a product name, or a term that represents the products or services you provide.

In fact, a lot of companies have several domain names to represent each one of their products. For example, suppose a company named Good Software makes three different software programs called Doors98, Building97, and Sentence97.

They could have 4 different domain names: goodsoftware.com, doors98.com, building97.com, and sentence97.com. This way if they run an ad or send out a press release about the company in general, they could direct people to http://www.goodsoftware.com. However, if they are only referring to one of their software programs, they could direct people to the website address for that particular program, like http://www.doors98.com.

A domain name can be any combination of letters, numbers, or hyphens (-) that you want. There is a limit of 67 characters (63 characters if you count the top level extension such as .com, .net, .org, etc.).

Check now to see if the domain name you want is still available. Type in the domain name, pick the extension you want, and click on "Check Now".

See if the domain name you want is still available.

We guarantee that if your domain name is available, we will get it registered immediately. The fee for one year of registration is only $25. After that, you pay just $25/yr. for renewal. There are no other hidden fees.

Order Domain Name Registration Service Now
Click Here to be taken to our Secure Ordering Page

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